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Why outsourcing security is nothing to be afraid of

Why outsourcing security is nothing to be afraid of

It’s a sad reality, but threats to your online security, far from dwindling, are on the rise. Every day, malicious black hat hackers are developing new ways to infiltrate your business. Right now, up to 70% of websites are susceptible to attack, and over 60,000 websites are hacked every day. And that’s why you need to invest in protection.

It’s understandable that many online business owners are concerned about shelling out on security, but there’s nothing to fear – and the costs, as well as being a lot less than you might imagine, are far outweighed by the benefits of a robust security strategy.

There are lots of methods and services offered by IT-security consultants, but a recent survey by found the most common security service requested to be penetration testing, with 70% of those surveyed opting to outsource it. This was followed by spam filtering at 46%, and threat intelligence at 40%.

The fact is, these in-depth tests and procedures require a professional, and the tools needed to carry them out successfully are only really available to companies who operate in the IT-security industry. For real peace of mind, don’t rely on in-house staff – call in the experts.

Outsourcing security is cheaper

Training your staff to become experts in IT-security, as well as being difficult, is costly too. On top of the man hours lost to training programs and practice; you’ll need to employ a company to conduct the training. On top of this, monitoring security is a full-time job, and your staff will be left with very little time to concentrate on other tasks.

You might even be considering hiring someone to take on the role of an IT-security specialist. But this could actually be the most expensive option, as a well-qualified professional won’t come cheap. Instead, when outsourcing the work, you’ll find that by defining exactly the services you need to protect your site from specific vulnerabilities, the security company will save you money.

It saves time – a lot of time

By outsourcing security to a third-party, you’re passing over all the responsibility to somebody else. Not only do you alleviate any need to train a member of staff to carry out security procedures, but the day to day running of security operations are taken care of too.

Training, or even worse, taking personal responsibility for your company’s IT-security is one of the most time-consuming acts in any business; outsourcing makes it easy.

There’s no such thing as too small a business

It’s a common misconception that outsourcing security is solely the preserve of the web’s biggest companies and organizations. While larger Internet-based companies will undoubtedly spend more money on elaborate safety measures, that should by no means encourage smaller companies to abandon the idea altogether.

If you seek the help and advice of a reputable IT-security consultant, they should tailor a security package to suit the size, and style, of your business, no matter how small you might perceive it to be. As a small business, it’s also unlikely you’ll have the money to invest in an in-house security professional, but doing nothing just isn’t an option.

You can focus on your core business

In the end, the whole reason you’ll choose to invest in a solid IT-security strategy is to ensure the safety of your customer’s data isn’t compromised, and that your reputation remains intact. Bu why? So your business continues to grow and succeed.

By outsourcing your security you can focus entirely on your core business, and while you’re leaving it up to the professionals, your customers can rest assured that they’re being protected. You can even display your security credentials online to encourage new visitors to your site.

You’re not alone

Although it could never be described as best business practice to mirror your competitors, the rules are slightly different when it comes to IT-security. More and more companies, large and small, are committing to sophisticated security strategies.

Outsourcing security is quickly becoming the new norm. As people discover the benefits of third-party security consultants and realize how much more time can be spent on primary businesses concerns, even the smallest online businesses are making valuable security commitments.

It’s flexible and adaptable

Committing to a security plan is by no means an “all-in” decision. Security consultants take a multi-pronged approach to devising and implementing a security strategy. After testing your IT systems for potential vulnerabilities, they’ll give you the option to choose what to do next.

Maybe you’ll decide to install a firewall, opt for more tests, or implement an ongoing monitoring program for your site to keep an eye out for any new threats. It’s up to you.

An attack could devastate your business

The truth is, hackers have a huge number of ways to attack your business. A massive attack can not only disable your transactions in the short term but have long lasting consequences too. Your customer’s data could be made available and traded online, you could lose your ranking on Google, and your site could even be used as a bot in later hacks.

It makes much more sense to establish a strong, working IT-security strategy before you become the victim of an attack.

You get to work with the best

Deciding to outsource your IT-security is one of the most sensible business decisions you can make. Specialist IT-security consultants like Gold Security have years of experience working in some of the most challenging environments imaginable.

Gold Security use cutting-edge technology to scan every corner of your site, searching for even the hardest to detect vulnerabilities. After establishing the health of your website, Gold Security will develop a bespoke plan, ideally suited to your needs.

Don’t hesitate, get in touch today to arrange a consultation.