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Mobile App Testing


The Golden Mobile App Testing platform uses a range of techniques to protect against the abuse of a mobile app’s business logic and the vulnerabilities that open the door to a data breach. Our static analysis engine tests hundreds of unique rules against the mobile client side. These static tests pair with our human led dynamic analysis to look for a core set of problems across the iOS & Android platforms, to secure your mobile Apps.

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Advanced In-depth Penetration Test


Our Advanced In-depth Penetration Test costs $149 per hour. After conducting a crawl and analysis of your website, we will produce extensive reports to manage vulnerability, escalation and remediation. We will test if your website is secure by emulating the actions of a hacker using the industry's best penetration testing tools and, of course, a team of highly-skilled experts.

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Incapsula Enterprise for Gold Security


For $499 per month we can use our bespoke version of Incapsula Enterprise to make your website as fast and safe as it can possibly be. We will secure your website against all types of DDoS attacks including network, application and DNS targeted attacks. Enjoy Enterprise-grade website security, high-capacity CDN and optimiser.


Golden Monitoring

$79 /month

Track threats to your website with Golden Monitoring. For $79 per month you can see any potential issues before your clients or managers do.

Simplify your security with our all-in-one monitoring solution. No installs, re-installs or updates. Just login and start monitoring. Let us do the hard work.

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Golden Cloud Scan


Golden Cloud Scan, $79 per month, will help you to protect your business from online threats.

It offers complete website protection with a cloud-based vulnerability scanner, daily malware detection and blacklist monitoring. A Trusted Website Protection seal increases customer confidence and could boost your revenue.

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