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Golden Monitoring™

No software to buy or look after. Just get online, sign up and you are up and running in 3 minutes.

What does it do?

Say goodbye to late nights in the data centre and the hassles of software-based monitoring. With Golden Monitoring you can stay in control of your IT systems 24 hours a day from the office or at home. There are no installs, reinstalls or updates, just login and start monitoring.

Avoid poor site performance and outages and spend time on the things that really matter. With Golden Monitoring you can grow your business instead of simply managing it.

Our all-in-one monitoring solution means you can manage your websites, servers, networks and applications from one easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard.

How do we monitor your IT systems?Find out the different ways we can monitor your business online

Website Monitoring

A slow, unresponsive website can prove costly. Maximize your end-user experience with the combination of; Website uptime monitoring, Full page load, Transaction monitoring, and Web load testing.

Cloud Monitoring

Get alerts and reports on popular cloud providers, including Amazon®, Rackspace® and GoGrid® – and we’re continually adding others.

Application Monitoring

Get ready to quickly detect and resolve application issues. You can extend your application monitoring capabilities with Golden Monitoring’s plugin architecture. Application monitors are available for MySQL, MSSQL, JMX/Java and Nginx and more.

Network Monitoring

Be sure that your networks are protected and tuned with Golden Monitoring agent-based and agentless monitoring. Available for a wide range of network devices, such as; switches, phone systems, Windows® and Linux® servers.

Server Monitoring

Protects the epicenter of your IT service with Golden Monitoring agent-based and agentless monitoring of Windows® and Linux® servers, CPUs, Memory, Storage and disk, Network bandwidth TCP protocols and WAN links.

Custom Monitoring

You get virtually limitless opportunities to monitor any kind of system and business metrics with our easy-to-use API, with full documentation.

A Flexible SolutionSee what Golden Monitoring can do for you

Business Executives

You are a business expert and you know that every second of website downtime or slow performance costs money or impacts your brand.

Boost your ROI

Avoid profit-killing problems such as poor site performance or outages. Make sure all critical steps and transactions in your business work on their best.

Improve uptime

Tune web, server and cloud applications, so they always run at peak performance. Make sure your website is up in the markets of your customers.

Cut costs

Say goodbye to software and hardware purchases and maintenance. Save time and money by using the hosted monitoring of Golden Monitoring.

Expand your client base

Leave the confines of software-based monitoring tools. Increase profits by focusing on the things that help grow your business.

IT Specialists

Love being the master of your company’s IT universe, but hate the stress of knowing that you don’t know what you don’t know?

Always be in control

Don’t be stuck in the data centre. Access your monitors through our mobile apps, get push notifications, view or set up monitors on the go. Available for Android and iPhone/iPad.

See everything at a glance

Your complete IT system in our all-in-one Dashboard: Web apps, Server health, Network performance, Custom metrics, and more in a single window. Customize and view your data the way you want.

Eliminate complexity

Say goodbye to software and hardware maintenance. Be free from managing too many things with too many tools. Simplify your life with our all-in-one monitoring platform.

Get world class support

It probably won’t happen but, if you do need help with something, reach out to us via Live Chat, phone, email or open a ticket.

Service Providers

Are you an IT consultant, Web developer, or Web designer? Then welcome to a whole new revenue stream!

Instant alerts

Take full control of your alerts. Set your triggers and get instant alerts via email, SMS, Twitter or phone whenever something is wrong.

Deliver the SLA promised

Oversee SLA, Performance, Profit streams and more–all of this in our easy-to-use dashboard and through customized reports via email.

Be the first to know

Get instant alerts via email, SMS, Twitter or mobile apps, when something is wrong. Our data center will alert you, even if your network is down.

Real-time views & interactive charts

Display the key data the way you want and extract it to create detailed reports. Archived performance history is stored for 2 years.