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Golden Mobile App Security Testing™

A new approach to app security testing

What we do?

It’s a question all companies working on mobile apps should be asking: ‘Are they secure?’. That’s where we step in. Utilizing industry-leading research, decades of collective experience and cutting-edge technology, we work directly with developers to make sure your mobile apps are secure. Our unique security testing platform ensures your mobile apps aren’t vulnerable to attack from hackers undertaking data breaches or infecting your app with malicious code.

How it WorksDiscover the key features of our Golden Mobile App Security Testing

Advanced Security Testing

We use an exclusive static analysis engine to test mobile apps client-side. With issue verification, we calibrate each app to the platform, eliminating false positives, hiding third party modules and libraries, and revealing the proprietary code you need to fix to ensure the app’s security.

A Simple Interface

Our dashboard has been designed with simplicity in mind. The clean, straightforward interface displays the security profile of mobile apps and new builds securely. With our easy to use security dashboard, you can track the status of your apps in real-time, so you’re always ahead of the hackers.

Monitoring and Reporting

Our comprehensive reports detail all the security issues uncovered during testing, including OWASP Mobile Top 10, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA. Not only does the report contain an analysis of each vulnerability, but it also explains why it’s a problem, how it can be fixed and identifies any offending code.

Multi-source Uploads

We work with mobile apps built in iOS, Swift, native Android, Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android.

Our unique platform gives you a wide range of upload options including app store URLs, or compiled DLL binaries for Xamarin, along with support for the most popular beta distribution platforms. Our API has all the functionality of the web platform, and you can easily integrate it into your custom development cycle however and whenever you choose.


Privacy and Security

We don’t need your source code to run our testing programs. Instead, we use the APK,  IPA, or compiled DLL files – Xamarin – binaries, the same readily available code published to app stores. After testing, we ultimately dispose of all your information.

Data for each mobile app’s vulnerabilities is stored securely on an EU-based Google Cloud Platform server, and we retain the ability to provide customers with region-specific data.

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