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Golden Cloud Scan™

Discover our industry-leading experts can detect threats to your website using this state-of-the-art software

What does it do?

Golden Cloud Scan is the best Cyber security solution for detecting malware and protecting websites, web applications and other vulnerable online information. We provide a combination of online web vulnerability-scanning, daily malware detection & blacklist monitoring for optimal protection of your website . Built from the ground up on a completely different technology backbone than other solutions in this space, Gold Security goes beyond signature-based tools to detect more “real vulnerabilities.” Also, Golden Cloud Scan is affordable to all businesses and takes pride in providing superior customer service and responsiveness.

Golden Cloud Scan, is a remote online web vulnerability-assessment service delivered via SaaS (software-as-a-service) and is designed to identify security weaknesses in web applications.

Wide Range of Vulnerabilities Covered

Golden Cloud Scan Application Vulnerability Scanner identifies application vulnerabilities ( e.g. Cross Site Scripting (XSS), SQL injection, Code Inclusion etc.. ) as well as site exposure risks. It also ranks threat priority, produces highly graphical, intuitive HTML reports, and indicates site security posture by vulnerabilities and threat exposure.


Artificial Intelligence

Golden Cloud Scan’s scanning solutions are built on next-generation artificial intelligence technologies that penetrate deeply with surgical precision within the application layers. Our vulnerability scanners use simulated scenarios of third-party attacks and adapt and learn on a real time basis to identify undetected infections.


Military-Grade Technology

Golden Cloud Scan’s was developed for the detection of website vulnerabilities and data breaches of highly-sensitive military and government entities. Our technologies have passed extensive and rigorous testing in order to comply with levels of security that surpass the standards of most commercially-available scanning solutions.


False-Positive Free

False positives cause companies to spend resources on additional and unnecessary remediation costs. Golden Cloud Scan uses a sophisticated and proprietary hashing system to minimize false positives. This is done via dynamic false-positive filter rules that are run automatically without any manual interference.

The Golden Cloud Scan™ DifferenceKnow-How - Technology - Experience

Web application & Malware Scanner

The Malware detection, monitoring and alert allows you to identify and eradicate web vulnerabilities and destructive malware. In order to improve existing identification capabilities we are running a heuristic non-signature based detection process which is capable to detect various kinds of web-threats.

Golden Cloud Scan provide a 360 degrees Website protection, a combination of online web vulnerability-scanner, daily malware detection & Blacklist Monitoring designed to identify security weaknesses in web applications, produces highly graphical reports, and indicates site security posture by vulnerabilities and threat exposure.

Golden Cloud Scan is a strong early-warning system of defense suitable to organizations of ANY size operating on the internet. Whether your entire business operation is online or you have a very simple marketing website, Golden Cloud Scan is a must-have tool that’s also affordable.

Scan via Cloud Computing

Gold Security provides Web security application scan as a service through the Cloud. While avoiding maintenance costs, licensing costs and the costs of the hardware required to run servers on-site. No software or Hardware to install or manage: there is no need to install anything on your system. Schedules your scans to suit your needs

Vulnerabilities are updated on a daily basis from the Gold Security knowledge base, ensuring that you are always checked for the latest threats and vulnerabilities. Done by experts. If something happens in the security world – we are the first to know.

Trusted Website Protection seal Increased customer confidence leads to increased revenue, give your customers the peace of mind of knowing that you are taking steps to help ensure their information will remain safe and confidential.

Easy Dashboard & Reporting

Online user friendly dashboard and on demand scheduler, designed report has been efficiently in color-coded and graphical format to provide the flexibility necessary to satisfy all audiences ranging from upper management to system administrators.


– Provide your website users complete peace of mind in knowing that their information will remain private and safe from the prying eyes of hackers and other criminals.
– Assist clients in identifying and resolving vulnerabilities early in the delivery lifecycle so their impact is minimized.
– Entirely cloud-based. Hence, there is no need for an up-front investment on the part of the resellers to purchase hardware, software or skilled network engineers. GoldSecurity does all the heavy lifting!
– Comprehensive Management dashboard and control panels puts you in the driver’s seat, Affordable and easy to deploy.