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Get Up to Date Information about Website Security

Get Up to Date Information about Website Security

We are quite sure you have heard of the term ‘hacker’ before, and that they can infiltrate network security systems, and as such manage to steal valuable corporate data or steal businesses’ revenue. Yet, website security is one of the most overlooked aspects of many businesses.

Between 2013 and 2014, it was revealed by the FBI that a mind-boggling total of 519 million financial records were stolen by hackers, just in the US. Undoubtedly, the impacts from the growing amount of online financial information thefts are immense. Cyber crime has resulted in a toll on the global economy, estimating to cost the global community more than $445 billion so far.

As a result, the online industry is working towards securing their websites and protective sensitive information, using tools such as web vulnerability scanners and penetration testers. There have been a few high-profile data breaches recently, which includes the theft of usernames and passwords of customers using Gmail and Facebook, as well as loss of financial data from Heartland Payment Systems.

There is no doubt that a data breach puts both businesses and their customers at risk, yet a data breach can also result in the risk of reputation and credibility loss. Not only will your customers no longer trust your business in handling their sensitive data, potential customers or clients will think twice before working with your business.

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