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Elite Level
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Protecting your Business
from Attacks

Hackers don’t wait. Act Now!

Our mission is to provide bespoke and efficient solutions so you can focus on your core business without ever having to worry about threats to your company’s digital security. Our priority is the safety of your business online and our specialized team, made up of some the world’s best penetration testers, are ready to go.

What We Will DoFind out how our industry-leading consultants can guarantee the safety of your business online. With years of experience and access to state-of-the-art technology, our specialised penetration testers know exactly how address your website’s security issues. Here’s how we do it:


Hunt for Weaknesses

Our IT security experts will crawl your website, scanning for even the most discreet vulnerabilities. They will discover any weaknesses in the structure of your site before the hackers, implementing the changes you need to protect your business from impending attacks.


Deploy Specialised Tools

Using top of the range, industry-leading technology with the highest level of accuracy, our specialist team can detect the largest number of SQL injection and cross-site scripting vulnerabilities possible, ensuring that no threat to your business manages to slip through the net.


Protect your Business

Once we discover the cracks in your website’s defences, our highly trained experts will secure and reinforce your servers with multiple layers of protection. We will always ensure that regulatory standards are met and that every one of our customers receives the best service. Your security is our priority.


TestimonialsWhat our clients are saying about us


“With top-of-the-line security consultants you can find nowhere else, Gold Security is an exceptional security consulting firm. Gold Security has taken full responsibility of our online security so we can now focus on our core business without having to ever worry about security issues.”


“Gold Security is our chosen partner when needing consultation and verification on security and best practices. The team consists of experienced security specialists who have in-depth knowledge and work with great discretion and flexibility to help you keep your business secure from intruders. We warmly recommend Gold Security as partners and advisors.”


“Throughout our time working with Gold Security their consultants have been very professional. My website was effectively protected from online threats due to their meticulous analysis of any security vulnerabilities. They also have wonderful customer service, which made it a pleasure working with them.”

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